Cat And Mouse

Play as Lobo and Get All of the Pesky Mice!




Cat and Mouse began as an attempt to learn game development through PyGame.

It is a very simple game where you play as the fat cat Lobo and try to kill all of the mice before you run out of time.

It was my first experience in doing 2d art, tiling, and animation. The art was created pixel by pixel in GIMP.

PyGame ended up having timing problems with audio, so I switched over to Phaser. This also had the added benefit of making the game available on the web instead of through Python distribution. It started in JavaScript before eventually being changed into TypeScript.

The audio was done by recording myself in my home making meowing sounds until one sounded good enough. Knowing what I know now I would've focused on a bigger variety of sounds instead of spending tons of time on a single sound.